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International Conference on Non-dominating Varieties of Pluricentric Languages
Graz, 11-13 July 2011
Programme - Conference on non-dominating varieties of pluricentric languages

Conference Progamme and Presentations
Conference on non-dominating varieties of pluricentric language
11-13 July 2011 - University of Graz, on Austria
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Monday, 11 July 2011


John HAJEK (Melbourne, Australia): Key note address in memory of Prof. Michael Clyne [presentation]


Rudolf MUHR (Graz, Austria): Linguistic dominance and non-dominance in pluricentric languages – A preliminary typology [abstract] [presentation]

Session 1: Chair: Catrin Norrby


Jasmine DUM-TRAGUT (Salzburg, Austria): Amen tegh hay ka: Armenian as pluricentric language [abstract] [presentation]


Marilena KARYOLEMU (Nikosia, Cyprus): Cypriot Greek as a non dominant variety of Greek [abstract] [presentation]


Joan DE CALUWE (Ghent, Belgium): Dutch as a bi-centric language: a lexicographic (r)evolution [abstract] [presentation]


Gerald STELL (Brussels, Belgium): Exogenous standards and sociolinguistic variation: Is the Dutch point of reference of Standard Afrikaans still reflected in actual speech among Afrikaans-speakers? [abstract] [presentation]

Session 2: Chair: Leo Kretzenbacher


Camilla WIDE; Jan LINDSTRÖM (Turku / Helsinki, Finland): Finland Swedish as a non-dominating variety of Swedish [abstract] [presentation]


Catrin NORRBY; Jenny NILSSON; Camilla WIDE; Jan LINDSTRÖM (Stockholm, Sweden): Pragmatics, interaction and communication in Finland-Swedish and Sweden-Swedish – a comparative project [abstract] [presentation]


Carla AMORÓS; Carmen FERNÁNDEZ; Natividad HERNÁNDEZ; Emilio PRIETO (Salamanca, Spain): Difficulties in defining the standard Spanish lexicon. [abstract] [presentation]


Ester NŨNEZ (Manchester, UK): The role of the media in standardising a regional variety: The case of Canal Sur and Seville Spanish in the pluricentric debate. [abstract] [presentation]

Session 3: Chair: Carla Amorós


Josep Àngel MAS Castells (Valencia, Spain): Catalan as a pluricentric language: the Valencian case [abstract] [presentation]


John HAJEK (Melbourne, Australia): (Non-)dominating varieties of a (non-)pluricentric language: Italian in on Italy and on Switzerland [presentation]


Attila KISS (Oradea, Romania): Language Ideologies about Hungarian in on Romania [abstract] [presentation]

Tuesday 12 July 2011

Session 4

Section 1: Chair: Rudolf Muhr - Auditorium

Section 2: Chair: John Hajek – Lecture Hall 23.03


Leo KRETZENBACHER (Melbourne, Australia): The emancipation of Strine: Australian English as an established post-colonial national standard of English [abstract] [presentation]

16. Dawn MARLEY (Surrey, UK): Competing varieties of French and Arabic in on Morocco [abstract] [presentation]


Hassan JIDDA JUMA´A (Maiduguri, Nigeria): Nigerian English: Linguistic, socio­lingu­istic and conversational characteristics in the frame­work of dominance / non-dominance [abstract] [presentation]

17. Zeinab IBRAHIM (Qatar): Egyptian Revolution 2011 Slogans: Intuitive Language Choices between dominating and non-dominating varieties of Arabic [abstract] [presentation]



18. Abderrazzaq MSELLEK (Fes, Morocco): Soziolinguistic aspects of Moroccan-Arabic

[abstract] [presentation]

Session 5

Section 1: Chair: Joan De Caluwe - Auditorium

Section 2: Chair: Nils Langer – Lecture Hall 23.03


Kelen ERNESTA FONYUY (Bayreuth, Germany): Attitudes toward less dominant accents of Cameroon English [abstract] [presentation]

23. Munirah ALAJLAN (Kuweit City, Kuweit): Arabic in on Kuwait and in the Gulf area  [abstract] [presentation]


Dara TAFAZOLI (Maahad, Iran): Persian as a pluricentric Language [abstract] [presentation]

24. Maria Eugenia DUARTE (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil): Brazilian Portuguese: When speech and writing are too far apart [abstract] [presentation]


Curt WOOLHISER (Boston, US): “Belarusian Russian”: Sociolinguistic Status and Discursive Representations [abstract] [presentation]

25. Aline BAZENGA (Madeira, Portugal): Variation in subject-verb agreement in an insular dialect of European Portuguese [abstract] [presentation]


Salvatore DEL GAUDIO (Kiew, Ukraine): The Russian Language in Ukraine. Some unsettled questions about its status as a national variety [abstract] [presentation]

26. Simone ASHBY (Lisbon, Protugal): 'Co-producers of this means of expression': Evidence from on Mozambique in Support of the Study of Indigenizing Language Varieties [abstract] [presentation]


Tuesday 12 July 2011

Session 6: Chair: Marilena Karyolemou


Nils LANGER (Bristol, UK): Language Policy and Language Suppression in 19th-century Schleswig-Holstein – The Sonderjysk and Low German example [abstract] [presentation]


Tanja WISSIK (Vienna, Austria):  Non dominant varieties in the translation and interpreting classroom: a case study for non dominant national varieties of German [abstract] [presentation]


Chiara MESSINA (Milano, Italy): Researching a Language for Special Purposes within a Non-Dominant Variety: Problematic Issues and possible Ways Out. An Overview based on the Example of Austrian German [abstract] [presentation]

Session 7: Chair: Jasmine Dum-Tragut


Adrian TIEN (Singapore): Chinese Hokkien in on Singapore evidence for an indigenised on Singapore culture [abstract] [presentation]

Wednesday 13 July 2011

Session 8: Chair: Maria Duarte


Domergue SUMIEN (Provence, France) : Occitan: Harmonizing non-dominant standards through four states [presentation]


Aditi GHOSH (Kolkata, India): A non-dominating variety of Hindi in Kolkata: A study of use and attitude [abstract] [presentation]

Closing discussion: Chair: Rudolf Muhr


Discussion about the outcomes of the conference and the future work of the NDV-group

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