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World Conference on Pluricentric Languages and their non-dominant Varieties
Graz, 8-11 July 2015

Travel and Visa

  1. Visa

    VISA regulations: Please check the webpage of the Austrian Foreign Ministry

    If your are a participant from a country that is not exempt from the visa requirements: If necessary write to us as soon as possible – we will supply you with a certificate of registration that you can present at the embassies of Austria of any of the EU-member states in your country that is representing Austria.

  2. Travelling to Graz

    Graz is easily accessible

    Information about Graz can be found on the  webpages of
    the City of Graz
    the Graz tourism information center
    and on Youtube
    A gallery of sights can be found here

    For the use of the public transport system of Graz see the route planer: BusBahnBim-Auskunft

  3. The location of the Austrian German research centre
    Heinrichstraße 22 / 2nd floor:

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