6th World Conference on Pluricentric Languages and their non-dominant Varieties
Nitra, June 21-23 2018

Travel and Visa

1. Visa

VISA regulations: Please check the webpage of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic. If your are a participant from a country that is not exempt from the visa requirements: If necessary write to us as soon as possible – we will supply you with a certificate of registration that you can present at the embassies of Austria of any of the EU-member states in your country that is representing Austria.

2. Travelling to Nitra: Nitra is accessible

3. Going to Nitra by bus

4. Going to Nitra by train (

5. Going to Nitra by car (for the route see:

6. Information about Nitra can be found on the  webpages of the City of Nitra and here and on Youtube

  • A gallery of sights can be found here
  • For the use of the public transport system of Nitra see here