6th World Conference on Pluricentric Languages and their non-dominant Varieties
Nitra, June 21-23 2018

Important Dates

1. Call for papers: November 1st - March 30th 2018

All scholars working in this field are invited to present their papers. It is not necessary to be a member of the Working Group on Non-dominant Varieties of pluricentric languages (WGNDV). If you are not yet a member of the WGNDV it is, however, highly appreciated to join the group by using the inscription form on / membership giving your name, adress, affiliation, the language(s)/varieties and the topics you are working on. This will enable the exchange of information with other scholars sharing the interest in the subject matter.

2. Information about acceptance of papers: April 15th 2018

3. Registration:

  • Members and non-members of the working group are welcome to register by June 10th 2018.

4. Deadline for submission of final version of papers ready for publication: September 30th  2018