Pluricentric languages in speech technology: Interspeech 2019 Workshop

    Satellite Workshop at Interspeech 2019: Pluricentric Languages in Speech Technology

Saturday, September 14, 2019


Registration with Coffee: Between 8.00 and 8.30 all speakers are kindly asked to upload their presentations to the laptop provided.


Opening ceremony - Welcome address by the organizing committee

Morning session 1: Chair:  Barbara Schuppler

09.15 - 09.30

1. Muhr R.:  Some fundamentals of pluricentric theory


2. Keynote Speech: Adda-Decker M.: Variation in spoken pluricentric languages: insights from large corpora and challenges for speech technology


3. Qasim M., Habib T., Mumtaz B., and Urooj S.: Speech emotion recognition for Urdu language


Coffee break

Morning session 2: Chair:  György Szaszák


4. Niebuhr. O., Brem A., Tegtmeier S., Fischer K., Michalsky J., and Sydow A.: Research and development perspectives based on corpus analyses, automatic assessment tools, and speaker-specific effects


5. El Zarka D. and Hödl P.: Topic or Focus: Do Egyptians interpret prosodic differences in terms of information structure?


6. Ludusan B. and Schuppler B.: Automatic detection of prosodic boundaries in two varieties of German


Lunch break

Afternoon-Session 1: Chair: Tania Habib


7. Miller C.: Accommodating pluricentrism in speech technology


8. Szaszák G. and Pierucci P.:  Accent adaptation of ASR acoustic models: shall we make it really so complicated?


9. Chakraborty J., Saramah P., and Vijaya S.: Speech recognition and dialect identification systems for Bangladeshi and Indian varieties of Bangla

14.30 14.50

10. Whettam D., Gargett A., and Dethlefs N.: Cross-dialect speech processing


Coffee break

Afternoon-Session 2: Chair: Corey Miller


11. Gorisch J.:  Challenges in widening the transcription bottleneck


12. Wu Y., Lamel, L., and Adda-Decker M.: Variation in pluricentric Mandarin using large corpus


13. Sinha S., Bansal S., and Agrawal S. S.: Acoustic phonetic convergence and divergence between Hindi spoken in India and Nepal

Panel Discussion: Chair: Rudolf Muhr

16.30– 16.45

14. Cucchiarini C.: Introduction to the panel discussion

16.45– 17.30

15. Panel discussion: The role of pluricentricity for speech technology, and the role of speech technology for pluricentric languages.

Invited panel participants: Catia Cucchiarini (Dutch Language Union/ Radboud University Nijmegen), Juraj Šimko (University of Helsinki), Michael Stadtschnitzer (Fraunhofer Institute, IAIS), Andrej Žgank (University of Maribor), Shyam Agrawal (Gurgaon, India)