Rudolf Muhr | email | Austrian German Research Centre Graz, formerly University of Graz, Austria

Steering group and organising committee

The role of the Steering Group is primarily to organize the conferences and the publications of the WGNDV, as well as to conduct consultations on conference topics and ongoing events in the research field. The Steering Group is elected at the General Assembly of the WGNDV which regularly takes place at the end of each conference.

Members of the Steering Group (since August 27, 2021)

  • Rudolf Muhr (AT),
  • Reglindis DE Ridder (BEL, SWE),
  • Juan Thomas (US)
  • Carla Amorós Negre (SP)
  • Eugenia Duarte (BRA)
  • Kelen Fonyuy (CM)
  • Aditi Gosh (IN)
  • Augusto Soares (PT)
  • Máté Huber (HU)
  • Gerhard Edelmann (AT),
  • Benjamin Meisnitzer (GER), 8.
  • Albana Muco (IT, ALB),
  • Karine Gauvin (CAN),
  • Stefan Dollinger (CAN)

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