Coordinators (as of August 24, 2023)

Benjamin MEISSNITZER | e-mail | University of Leipzig, Germany
Máté HUBER | e-mail | University of Szeged, Hungary

Steering group

The role of the Steering Group is primarily to organize the conferences and the publications of the WGNDV, as well as to conduct consultations on conference topics and ongoing events in the research field. The Steering Group is elected at the General Assembly of the WGNDV which regularly takes place at the end of each conference.

Members of the Steering group (since August 27, 2021)

CarlaAMORÓS NEGREUniversity of Salamanca, Spain
ReglindisDE RIDDERUniversity of Stockholm, Sweden
StefanDOLLINGERUniversity of Vancouver, Canada
Maria EugeniaL. DUARTEFederal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
GerhardEDELMANNUniversity of Vienna, Austria
Kelen ErnestaFONYUYUniversity of Bamenda, Cameroon
KarineGAUVINUniversité de Moncton, Canada
AditiGHOSHUniversity of Kalkutta, India
SebastianGREUSSLICHUniversity of Bonn, Germany
MátéHUBERUniversity of Szeged, Hungary
BenjaminMEISNITZERUniversity of Leipzig, Germany
AlbanaMUCOUniversità degli Studi di Milano, Italy
RudolfMUHRAustrian German Research Centre, Graz, Austria
AugustoSOARES DA SILVAUniversity of Braga, Portugal
Juan AntonioTHOMASUtica University, Utica, NY, USA